Meet the team

Meet our team of Travel Innovators

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Ben, Brand Director, Dubai

Hey, I'm Ben! I'm the creative brain behind Guidesty, mixing my love for travel with my experience in design. Living in Abu Dhabi has only fueled my passion for discovering new places and cultures. At Guidesty, I pour all these experiences into making your travel adventures unforgettable. Travel's more than a trip for me – it's about stories, people, and places. And that's what I aim to bring to you: authentic, memorable journeys.

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Merijn, Co-Founder & CTO, Amsterdam

At Guidesty, I blend my IT expertise with my love for travel to enhance your journeys. Living in Amsterdam inspires me daily, and I channel this inspiration into making our platform user-friendly and innovative. Beyond technology, I cherish exploring new places and spending quality time with my family. For me, travel is about connection and creating unforgettable memories. That's what I aim to deliver at Guidesty.

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Mohamed, Co-Founder, Sales & Marketing Officer

Hi, I'm Mohamed, Born in Abu Dhabi, raised in Amsterdam. Together with Merijn, I co-founded Guidesty, where we turn travel dreams into reality. Living in Amsterdam fuels my wanderlust and passion for sharing travel stories through social media. At Guidesty, I bring our adventures to life online, connecting with fellow travelers like you. I believe travel is about sharing experiences and inspiring others. That’s my goal – to fill your feeds with breathtaking destinations and real travel tales. Join me and let’s make every journey an opportunity to connect and share.

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