Working at Guidesty

How We Approach Interviews at Guidesty

Interviews can be daunting, especially when you’re really eager for the job. At Guidesty, we strive to make the interview process as straightforward, stress-free, and yes, even enjoyable as possible. Transparency is key to our approach, so here's what to expect when you meet us.

Our Evaluation Criteria

  • Hard Skills: We look at what you can do and your past experiences—often referred to as ‘role fit’. We assess whether your skills match what’s needed for the job, including how well you work in a team. Our goal is to find the right person for the right role.
  • Values: Every company has its own culture and values, and during the interview, we explore how you might align with ours. At Guidesty, while we cherish our unique culture, we celebrate diverse personalities. So don’t hold back—let your true self shine.
  • Drive: Your motivation in life and work, and specifically your enthusiasm for joining our team, matters to us. We are committed to making a positive impact on the world and look for people who are equally passionate.

Remember, we want to see the real you, not a perfect facade. Being yourself is your best strategy!

FAQs to Get You Ready

How should I prepare for the interview?

  • Explore our website to understand our services and culture.
  • Check out our careers page to learn about our values, and our social media for a peek into our office life.
  • Reflect on what you seek in your career and from an employer. This preparation will help you ask insightful questions to determine if Guidesty is the right fit for you.

Do you offer a relocation package?

  • Absolutely! Knowing the challenges of moving countries, we provide assistance with visa applications (if needed), travel arrangements for you and your family, and help with settling in, so you can focus on feeling at home in your new environment.

Do you have a flexible working policy?

  • Yes! We understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to work. You can split your workweek between the office and home. Plus, in true travel-loving spirit, you can work from abroad for up to 8 weeks per year.

At Guidesty, we're excited to meet candidates who are as enthusiastic about transforming travel as we are. We look forward to discussing how you can contribute to our journey!