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Museum Hedendaagse Kunst De Domijnen

Ligne 5, 6131 MT Sittard
📞 088 599 5544

The Museum Hedendaagse Kunst De Domijnen in Utrecht, Netherlands is a unique and fascinating museum that showcases contemporary art from around the world. Located in the heart of Utrecht, this museum is a must-see for anyone interested in the latest developments in modern art.

The museum features an impressive collection of works from a variety of different artists, including paintings, sculptures, photographs, video art, and installations. The exhibitions are constantly changing, so there is always something new to discover. The museum also hosts a variety of workshops, lectures, and other events, making it a great place to learn more about contemporary art.

The museum is housed in a beautiful building that has been carefully restored to its original state. Inside, you will find a series of galleries with works from various periods in art history. The museum also has a library that contains books and magazines about the history of modern art.

Visitors to the museum have praised its unique atmosphere and the quality of the artwork on display. One TripAdvisor reviewer said, “The museum was a great experience. The art was amazing and the staff were very helpful and knowledgeable.” Another visitor said, “The museum was a great way to spend an afternoon. The exhibitions were interesting and the staff were friendly and helpful.”

The Museum Hedendaagse Kunst De Domijnen is a great place to explore the latest developments in contemporary art. Whether you’re a fan of modern art or just looking for a unique experience, this museum is sure to provide an unforgettable experience.


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5 stars

Beautiful exhibition to visit from 03/09/2017 to 07/01/2018: "Ecovention Europe", Museum Hedendaagse Kunst De Domijnen, Sittard, Netherlands Major exhibition of Land Art & Ecological Art 1957 - 2017, Curated by Sue Spaid

3 stars

Staff very nice and helpful, worst website design More

4 stars