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Château de Faverges

293 Chem. de la Vie Plaine, 74210 Faverges, France

The Château de Faverges is a stunning historical monument located in the town of Annecy, France. It is a great place to visit for anyone looking to explore the local history and culture.

The Château de Faverges was built in the 12th century by a family of local nobles. It is a beautiful example of medieval architecture, with its impressive towers, walls, and courtyards. The castle has been carefully preserved over the centuries, and today it is open to the public as a museum.

The museum offers visitors a chance to explore the history of the castle and its inhabitants. You can visit the castle’s grand halls and chambers, as well as its beautiful gardens. You can also learn about the castle’s history through the museum’s exhibitions and displays.

The Château de Faverges is also home to some impressive artworks. The museum has a collection of paintings, sculptures, and other works of art from the Renaissance and Baroque periods. There are also some more modern works, such as the tapestries by Pierre Soulages.

The Château de Faverges is a great place to visit for anyone interested in history, art, or architecture. It is a beautiful and fascinating place that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to explore the castle’s history or simply marvel at its beauty, the Château de Faverges is a must-see destination.


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5 stars

The Chateau is located at the very beautiful spot inside mountains with the gorgeous view, great location and easy to get from Annecy. Nice and cozy rooms with great view outside, good work of nice stuff and place to have good time and relax during weekends.

3 stars

Nice place, great view. But do neither believe opening times of tower on website, nor at entrance gate. We have been waiting to opening time plus 20 min with a 4year old in the middle of nowhere for more than one hour, but no one showed up. We are disappointed.

3 stars

Nice spot, but not always open to the public.