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Villa Marija

Donji ratac 24, 21325, Tučepi, Croatia
📞 +385 21 695 000

Villa Marija is the perfect destination for a luxurious dining experience in the heart of Zadar, Croatia. Located in an old stone villa, the restaurant offers a unique atmosphere of elegance and sophistication.

Villa Marija is renowned for its exquisite Mediterranean cuisine, which is prepared with local ingredients and served with a modern twist. The menu consists of a variety of traditional Croatian dishes, as well as some international specialties. Start your meal with a selection of freshly made appetizers, such as grilled vegetables and olives, or a selection of cured meats and cheeses. For your main course, you can choose from a variety of succulent seafood dishes, such as grilled sea bass, squid, and mussels, or opt for a traditional Croatian dish like the famous Dalmatian stew. The restaurant also offers a selection of vegetarian dishes, such as grilled vegetables and risotto.

The restaurant is known for its excellent service and friendly staff. The waiters are knowledgeable and attentive, and will be happy to recommend dishes to suit your tastes. The atmosphere of the restaurant is relaxed and inviting, with a cozy interior and a terrace area for al fresco dining. The restaurant is also popular for its wine list, which features a selection of local and international wines.

Villa Marija is the perfect destination for a romantic dinner or a special occasion. Whether you are looking for a special meal or just want to enjoy a relaxed evening, Villa Marija is the perfect choice.


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