Delicious Discoveries: 11 Best Restaurants in Amsterdam for Food Lovers

Embark on a culinary journey in Amsterdam, a city renowned for its picturesque canal-side eateries, authentic Dutch bars, and trendy cafes. Discovering a location where the quality of food is as impressive as the stylish ambiance and interior design becomes the intriguing quest. This selection of top-rated Amsterdam restaurants is transforming the Dutch gastronomy scene, presenting dishes that are both a feast for the eyes and a delight for the palate. Whether you're seeking the best Dutch cuisine, Amsterdam's top dining experiences, or charming canal-view restaurants, this guide will lead you to establishments that surpass expectations in every aspect.

**1. Oficina**

Presenting itself as a food design studio and canteen, Oficina is nestled in the western part of Amsterdam. Renowned for its architecturally impressive interiors, including a modern staircase and an elegant overhanging balcony, this locale is a haven for design enthusiasts. Every corner unfolds into a visually captivating experience, and the clientele mirrors the chic environment. Oficina is known for its weekly rotating breakfast and lunch menus, crafted based on seasonal availability. The establishment delights its guests with artistically plated dishes and intriguing flavor pairings, like chickpea flatbread with cime di rapa or miso scrambled eggs served on toasted brioche.

Location: Oficina, Jan van Galenstraat 147, 1056 BN Amsterdam, Netherlands

**2. Bocca Coffee Roasters**

Nestled in the heart of Amsterdam, Bocca Coffee Roasters stands as one of the top coffee shops in the city. Located just a short walk from the historic Rijksmuseum, this coffee haven offers an intriguing contrast between its unassuming entrance and the expansive, industrial-themed interior. Skilled baristas serve superior flat whites and filtered coffees, making it an ideal spot to relax on the sofas or engage in conversations at the communal table.

Location: Bocca Coffee Roasters, Kerkstraat 96H, 1017 GP Amsterdam, Netherlands

**3. Saint Jean**

Saint Jean, a minimalist bakery and coffee shop in the trendy Jordaan district, has rapidly become a go-to spot in Amsterdam since its opening. Known for its morning delights like cinnamon buns with a unique lemon drizzle twist, fresh croissants, and signature cruffins with daily-changing fillings, it's a must-visit. The best part? Their pastries are completely plant-based and are as delicious, if not more, than traditional offerings.

Location: Saint Jean, Lindengracht 158h, 1015 KK Amsterdam, Netherlands

**4. Cafe Binnenvisser**

Cafe Binnenvisser, a relaxed dining destination in Amsterdam-West, serves natural wines and seasonal plates in a rustic, unpretentious setting. Their mainly vegetarian, daily-changing menu features dishes like burrata with fresh peas and chives, and celeriac and parsnip fritters.

Location: Cafe Binnenvisser, Bilderdijkstraat 36, 1052 NB Amsterdam, Netherlands

**5. Dignita**

With three vibrant, spacious branches across Amsterdam, Dignita presents an Australian-inspired brunch menu and specialty coffee all day. Expect twists on brunch classics like eggs royale on a potato rosti, and oversized broccoli and feta fritters topped with avocado and poached eggs. Their two-storied Vondelpark location, with its welcoming ambiance and counter of freshly baked cakes, is a standout.

Location: various

**6. Cafe-Restaurant Amsterdam**

Located near Westerpark, Cafe-Restaurant Amsterdam is a spacious eatery with the charm of a bustling Parisian bistro. Despite its industrial, stripped-back interiors, it exudes an aura of vintage grandeur. Their expansive pan-European menu spans from lunch to dinner, featuring excellent seafood dishes and a range of delightful desserts, from freshly baked madeleines to traditional apple pie.

Location: Cafe-Restaurant Amsterdam, Watertorenplein 6, 1051 PA Amsterdam, Netherlands

**7. Little Collins**

Little Collins, with its locations in De Pijp or Oud-West, is a must-visit, especially on weekends. Renowned for its specialty coffee and unique brunch offerings like kimchi and gruyere scrambled eggs, or roasted peach French toast, it also offers a delightful supper menu with Mediterranean-inspired sharing plates.

Location: Various

**8. Winkel 43**

No trip to Amsterdam would be complete without savoring a slice of traditional Dutch apple pie. Winkel 43, an institution in the city, offers a version with a thick, crumbly crust and a delightful cinnamon-apple filling, topped with a generous dollop of whipped cream. It's a comforting treat for any season.

Location: Winkel 43, Noordermarkt 43, 1015 NA

**9. Toki A Top-Notch Restaurant in Jordaan, Amsterdam**

Immerse yourself in the sophisticated ambiance of Toki, a trendy hotspot located in the upscale Jordaan district of Amsterdam. Renowned for its excellent coffee and unique brunch offerings, Toki is a popular weekend destination for locals and visitors alike. Experience the delight of Asian-infused cuisine, such as the much-loved avocado toast dressed in a miso dressing and generously drizzled with chilli oil. The bakery section is a treat in itself, boasting heavenly delights such as banana bread heaped with buttercream frosting and chunky chocolate chip cookies.

Address: Toki, Binnen Dommersstraat 15, 1013 HK Amsterdam, Netherlands
**10. Lot61 Coffee Roasters: Premium Coffee Experience in Amsterdam**

Coffee Roasters, an authentic coffee haven in Amsterdam's Oud-West district, is the perfect spot for coffee lovers seeking a tranquil space to enjoy specialty brews. The rustic charm of the roastery-cum-café provides an ideal backdrop for savouring your coffee and engaging in pleasant conversations with skilled baristas. With a few comfy stools amidst the coffee roasting machines, this cosy café lets you enjoy your coffee slowly rather than just grabbing a quick takeaway.

Address: Lot61 Coffee Roasters, Kinkerstraat 112, 1053 ED Amsterdam, Netherlands
**11. Uncommon: A Unique Culinary Experience Near Amsterdam's Museumplein**

Uncommon, a serene and aesthetically pleasing café in West Amsterdam, beckons with its extraordinary coffee, home-baked pastries, and a brunch menu that explores a range of innovative flavours. Try their standout dishes like the overnight oats served with lavender yoghurt and rhubarb or the daring combination of poached nectarines with cashew cream and jalapeño. Just a stone's throw away from Amsterdam's Museumplein, Uncommon is the ideal place to enjoy brunch or coffee before embarking on a tour of the city's most renowned museums.

Address: Uncommon, Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat 63H, 1054 BT Amsterdam, Netherlands